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We at PDF India provide quality outsourced services. We look at outsourcing as a long term strategic partnership and understand that each client has its own unique requirements and definition of value, which must be sustained over time as conditions and priorities change; outsourcing must be much more than just saving money, it must be about creating a competitive edge for the client. We both benefit by receiving and by providing outsourced services. Each day we advance by learning a few things from each of our clients. We value this learning experience. 

Our main business is to provide full range of Top Quality Document Management and Data Processing Services to our various clients abroad. Established in the year 1998, this is our 13th year of operation. We are still going strong in thick and thin due to our good quality service to our clients about which we are proud of and our Customers are happy about. 100% focus on whatever we do keep our clients happy. 

We operate from Mumbai, India; the most favored destination to get the Best outsourced service. Our operations are process driven hence low volume or high volume does not affect our quality. Even for high volumes we have been able to give a good quality. 

OCR, Paper to PDF, High Volume Multifield Indexing, Fillable Interactive PDF forms, Accessible PDFs are some of services in which we have developed expertize. Our business operations are well handled by highly qualified & motivated team of professionals who allow us to perfectly understand as well as meet the specific IT Outsourced service demands of our customers. These team members also work in tandem with each other as well as with our clients so as to deliver flawless service solutions. 

We provide following services to our clients

Backfile Conversion Service
Simple and Complex Indexing
Paper to PDF Conversion Services
Tiff and PDF files Enhancement
Data Capture Data Entry Digitization and Data Processing Services
Optical Character Recognition OCR
Interactive Fillable PDF forms
Converting PDF files to Accessible PDF files
Internet Research & Web Scrapping

PDF Related Services:

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. This file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 is used for representing documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it. - From Wikipedia.

There are basically three main types of PDF files viz 

PDF Image Only Format Like any other image format, this format is just an image of the source document. Such PDF files are as good as the source documents but the text is not searchable. We in PDF India can give face lift to these images to make them look better than the original. (Please refer the product “image enhancement” in this catalogue elsewhere). This format is cheap and takes less time to produce. Many scanners allow scanning directly to PDF Image format instead of standard Tiff format. If the files are already in any other image format, the same can be converted to PDF image format quickly. Many tools are available to carry out this conversion. PDF Image only format files are generally smaller than tiff files. A typical 300dpi monochrome file of A4 size will be around 60kb in size. This format is mainly used for document storage and archiving. 

PDF Image + Hidden Text (Searchable) As the name suggests this format has image of the original document on the top of invisible searchable text layer. As such the text is hidden but does not have the formatting attributes such as bold, italics, font type and font size. In PDF India we take care to see that the hidden text is highly accurate rendering the PDF file fully searchable and selectable. The specialty of this format is that original look and feel of the document is retained and at the same time the file is fully searchable. When you search and find a word or a phrase in such a file, the same will be highlighted on the image. The main drawback of this format is it’s file size. It is the most size inefficient PDF format hence not preferred for web publishing. PDF India has developed technique to make handwritten/cursive documents searchable in PDF Image + Hidden Text format This is the most cost effective PDF format Typically this format is recommended for cases requiring maximum fidelity to the original image. As such this format is used where look and feel of the original document is very important at the same time limited searchability is required. There is no hard and fast rule. One has to strike a trade-off between cost and utilty. A few examples are... Documents with handwritten text Financial documents Research reports and Journals 

PDF Normal (Searchable) This is the most efficient PDF file format as it is an exact replica of the original document, text is fully searchable, and file size typically between 6-10kb for A4 size monochrome source. This is the most preferred PDF file format for web publishing as well as transmission via email. PDF Normal files by definition are reproduction of the original documents hence need high level of texual accuracy, precise positioning of images and graphics on the canvas, font types and font sizes properly judged and selected. This makes it the most difficult format to handle. PDF India has developed the skills to handle this format. We take care to see that the fonts type and font size are near perfect match to the original and the layout is exact mirror image of the original. This format is good for bookmarking, linking, searching, printing etc. Usage of this PDF format is typically found in Product catalogues Brochures for web publishing E publishing Technical literature Fast loading web page

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Paper to PDF Conversion:

Paper to PDF is a skilled operation particularly when it comes to PDF Normal or PDF Image + Hidden text requiring high level of textual searchability. It requires strict adherence to clearly laid down processes, usage of correct tools and precise settings. 

Each image file undergoes many operations before getting converted to the desired PDF format

PDF India has trained and dedicated technicians well experienced in PDF Conversion. Over the last 12 years the team has undertaken and executed many challenging PDF projects.

PDF India has expertise in various types of PDF conversion projects such as Paper to PDF, PDF to Interactive fillable forms, PDF to section 508 compliant accessible PDF files, PDF/A files to name a few. We have hands on experience in PDF conversion and have blended our own innovative processes with various tools available in the market to serve our clients with high quality PDF files. Our files are compact and fully searchable. Thousands of our PDF files are available on the internet. Some of the processes to be executed to get desired PDF format are time consuming requiring attention to details. Hence our clients entrust this work to us. We have capacity and capability to execute these tasks cost effectively within the required time frame. Top class quality is hallmark of our PDF Conversion.

Over the last 10 years we have executed a large number of projects for Private corporations as well as Govt, Semi-Govt or Govt funded organizations requiring either PDF Normal or PDF Image + Hidden text conversion. We guarantee a high level of textual accuracy hence searchability. Due to this our clients come to us year after year for PDF related services. 

We proudly remember and thank all those PDF Experts of America who appreciated our knowledge, efforts and work ethics, shared their experiences with us, imparted their knowledge to us while solved all our queries patiently. 

We also provide other misc preliminary services w.r.t. PDF files such as Providing bookmarks and Links Creating multipage PDF files Rearranging PDF pages within multipage PDF files Meaningful renaming PDF files based on its content Splitting multipage PDF files into single page files Optimizing PDF files Cropping and rotating to the right orientation Deleting blank pages and inserting new pages and the list goes on… You will find more information on PDF to Interactive fillable forms, PDF to section 508 compliant accessible PDF files and PDF to HTML conversion in other sections of this catalogue. 

Write to us if you want us to offer PDF related services not mentioned in this catalogue.

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Fillable PDF forms:

Interactive Fillable PDF forms 

As Students or as Employees or as Investors etc., we come across PDF form on the internet or in our mail box. We fill this form print and hand it over or fax it or post it out. Such forms are of varied nature; some simple some complex. Some small some very big. There are fillable forms with a handful of fields to fill in and there are forms with hundreds of fields to be filled in. Many application forms, booking forms, order forms, purchase requests etc are available as fillable forms. If filled online and printed they come out very clear for the reader/user. Using Java scripting these forms can be further improved to make them interactive and intelligent. 

We in PDF India convert simple PDF forms into Interactive Fillable PDF forms. If PDF version of a form is not available and if the form is available only as paper form, we convert the paper form into a PDF form and then convert it into Interactive Fillable PDF form. We transform any PDF form into an interactive form with various field types and formatting options. We also use scripting features to add even more functionality to PDF forms. We may say that we create advanced pdfs. 

PDF India has well trained technicians who execute this conversion efficiently. We are proud to say that we have transformed over 2000 forms of different complexities into Interactive Fillable PDF forms and most of these are being used mostly by Americans day in and day out. These forms are available on websites of Government and Semi Government organizations. Our well designed PDF forms can be saved on the desktop, printed when required or simply emailed as attachment. 

Write to us for a sample conversion.

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Accessible Talking PDF files:

Converting PDF files to Section 508 compliant Accessible Talking PDF files

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, (amended in 1998 and codified in 29 USC § 794d) is a federal law requiring electronic technology used by the government to be accessible. Specific requirements are maintained by the Access Board in the Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards (36 CFR 1194). Some 508 Standards - Provide a text equivalent for every non-text element. - All information conveyed with color should be available without color. - Row and column headers should be provided in data tables. 

5 years back PDF India was invited by a large European Energy Corporation to undertake conversion of their PDF files to Accessible PDF files on an ongoing basis so that all PDF files on their website are Section 508 compliant Accessible files. Till date we continue to work with this corporation and provide this service. While carrying out this conversion we always imagine a visually impaired person wanting to "read" our PDF files. So all our efforts are to see that our PDF files are "talking PDF" files for the visually impaired person. This is a tough job which at times gets very complicated so much so that we recreate the PDF file to begin with. While converting PDF files to Accessible PDF files each day bring us a new problem to crack. Our technical team analyze such problems as they come, solve them and in the process learn a new aspect of this conversion process and tools associated with it.

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PDF To HTML Conversion:

Our very first large assignment was from USA to convert drug inserts (most with very small font size) to PDF and then to HTML both for web publishing. We handled this prestigious assignment for a Online Drug Database Pioneer Pharmacist. Our association with this Drug Database portal lasted for over 6 years. We handled over 1000 drug inserts which were subsequenty published on this portal. This was in 1998 thru 2003. We used to scan the inserts, convert them to PDF Normal and then to HTML. Our process that time was a hybrid process viz usage of third party software, Microsoft tools and about 2-3% of basic coding. Times have changed. Probably there are advanced tools to convert PDF to HTML on click of a mouse. 

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Modifying Your Scans:

Tiff and PDF files Enhancement

Scanners have become very fast now-a-days. To take advantage of this enhanced speed and to reduce operational cost scanning bureaus handle millions of images every month and hand over the scanned Tiff images or PDF images to us for post scanning processes. Basically we give facelift to the scanned images and give them an appropriate name such as John_mathew-Appl_Form_2002.pdf

Given below is a exhaustive list of such processes. Not all will be required at any given time. However, scanning bureaus would order some of these to enhance their service offerings and provide better service to their clients at a reduced cost because we offer these services at very nominal price.

1. Combine single page tiff or pdf files to multipage tiff or pdf files based on an identifier on the leading page or based on document separator.
2. Split multipage tiff or pdf files to single page tiff or pdf files. 
3. Rename files based on one or two identifiers available on the single page or multipage image 
4. Black border removal 
5. Manual precise Deskew 
6. Rotate images to correct orientation 
7. Despeckle 
8. Eliminate blank pages 
9. Exclude/Eliminate pre-defined unwanted pages 
10.Insert or append page or pages 
11.Recognizing and deleting blank pages 
12.Border Clean up 
14.Re-arrange pages 
15.Manual cleaning of tiff or PDF images 
16.Place sub-images onto a new clean canvas 
17.Change compression method 
18.Change resolutions 
19.Reduce file size 
20.Flip images 
21.Slice images 
22.Enhance or correct the images 
23.Put watermarks on images 
24.Rename files by auto incrementing 
25.Negative to Positive conversion 

and the list goes on...Write to us defining your problem and we shall get you a solution.

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