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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is outsourcing? 

Outsourcing is about appointing a service provider to manage an in-house activity. The Staff, Hardware, Software, Infrastructure and Projects that you had to manage can now be managed by the service provider leading to tremendous savings and fewer headaches. 

2. What are the advantages of Outsourcing?

The Advantages Of Outsourcing are many. Some of them are listed below. 

Reduced overheads You need not invest up front in additional Hardware and Software which becomes a permanent liability to you in the long run. Use less employees, that too where needed the most. 

Expertise You need not Hire and Fire employees to cater to fluctuating work load and work type. On the other hand you have the most up-to-date skills at your disposal, all the time. 

Focused Business Outsourcing allows you to focus your attention to your core competence and business concerns. 

Latest Technology You get instant access to all the latest technology, without spending on updating your infrastructure. (You need not have to bother about which is the Best OCR software available in the Market today). 

Increased Productivity Outsourcing indirectly increases your productivity which gives you many fold competitive edge over others in the market. 

Paperless Office You can make your office paperless by converting the papers to Electronic Documents such as PDF files or MSWORD formatted files and enjoy clean work environment. 

Quality You need not bother about the quality, you get the desired quality level. 

Cost Control brings your costs under control. You get ongoing cost reductions at the same time keeps your expenditure under control. A part of this cost benefit to you can be passed on to your client so that it is a win-win situation for all of us. You save Hundreds and Thousands of $$$ and your bottom-line improves! 

3. What type of Inputs do you accept? 

For PDF related services or Data Capture Assignment 

  1. Original Documents OR
  2. Photocopies of Original Documents OR
  3. Scanned Images of Original Documents OR
  4. PDF files of Original Documents

For web scrapping assignment aimed at Internet Research or Database Creation 

  1. URL or Topic of Interest 

For Job Posting 

  1. URL of source site and Employment Site 

4. What type of Outputs do we get? 

  1. ASCII txt file (with or without index)
  2. WORD Formatted files 
  3. EXCEL sheets OR Access Database 
  4. Tiff or PDF files post enhancement operation
  5. PDF files (Normal OR PDF Image + Hidden text). 
  6. Updated Web Site for Jobs, E-Commerce Databases 

5. How do we send you the input and how do we get the output?

We have two FTP sites at service for our clients. We provide both FTP sites to our clients free of cost. You are at liberty to use these FTP site to send us input files and receive back processed files from us. 

Other traditional methods we can use are International Courier (FedEx/ DHL/UPS…..) for Papers, DVDs and External Drives E-mail attachments For remote updation of Sites we do not require any of these. 

6. What kind of quality assurance you give to your clients? 

We have been working for American and European clients since inception. We understand that only good quality sells in these two markets hence our orientation has been to provide high quality service to our clients. We thrive to achieve following levels of accuracies

  • 99.995% accuracy from Typed or Printed Documents 
  • 99.5% accuracy from Handwritten and Cursive documents 
  • 99% accuracy from very old documents or unclear tiff images 
  • 98% accuracy in remote online updation of web portals 

However, these are subjective and subject to conditions 

7. How do you ensure these levels of accuracies? 

Our Processes take care of required accuracies. For example 

Two Data Entry Cycles followed by One QC cycle gives us 99%+ accuracy 
Two Data Entry Cycles followed by Three QC cycles gives us 99.995%+ accuracy. 

For Paper to PDF we have a well laid out process which gives exact PDF Normal replica of paper document. 

8. How about Software? Are we supposed to send you the same? 

No. For data capture we use Our own Image Entry Software in VB For paper based data entry our own software in VB For OCR, time tested OCR software For PDF related projects we use our own developed processes 

9. How do we send payment to you? 

There is an international protocol for payment transfer called SWIFT. A few lines of instructions to your banker and the payment reaches our bank in India within 36 hrs. 

10. What countries do you currently serve? Can we get their references?

Our valued clients are spread across USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and Sweden.

With some of these we have NDA in place. With their prior permission we can refer them to you. Most of them have permitted us to mention them as reference. Our consistent business approach as well as competitive data conversion solutions delivered has helped us to gain due respect and recognition in our industry sector. Further, our promptness in delivering the solutions as well as services availability at leading market prices also makes us one of the most preferred companies to deal with. 

11. Do you provide any other service apart from those described on this website?

Our country has a large pool of highly skilled technicians in all fields; particularly the Information Technology. We always tell our clients to tell us what they need so that we explore the possibility of acquiring the expertize or getting skilled technicians to provide the service so that the client reaps benefits of outsourcing. Its a win-win situation. The client saves efforts and $$$; we learn and earn $$$.

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